Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Bit Discouraged...

I ran the BAA 5K today, and I'd have to say it did not go well.  I felt pretty unfit from the gun, and struggled to the finish in 23:53.  As I look back on it, I probably should have started a little slower, as I hit the mile in 7:13 and showed down from there.  The race started near the Boston Public library, then looped around the Common and back to the start area.  I felt so rotten I seriously thought about just stopping there, but decided that would just make me feel worse, so I continued to shuffle along.

My knee didn't hurt (although it feels a little stiff as I type this), but I guess I just am not running enough miles to expect to be able to race.

Having said that, I think I will try again on June 6 at the Schofield School 5K (my son attends Schofield).

Maybe the problem was the barefoot running.  The day before the race, I went to a barefoot running demo at City Sports in Boston, which featured Dr. Dan Lieberman of Harvard and Chris McDougal, author of Born to Run.  I recommend the book, if you haven't read it; it is a very good read.  I found the session very interesting, and we did go for a brief barefoot run.

Looks like nice running weather for the Boston marathoners tomorrow.  I am going to the Sox game, but will head over to the race course after to watch for some friends who are running.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

mid April update

I saw my orthopedic surgeon today.  I asked him about my screws, which have been bothering me when I run (seem to cause dull pain in my shin).  When he pressed on them, they really hurt, so we agreed that they should come out.  That will be a minor surgery (to be scheduled), making operation # 4 on the left knee.

I also asked him about upping my mileage, and he thought that was fine.

I had an xray done, which the doctor pronounced as "excellent", although of course the cartilage doesn't show up on an xray.  But the patellofemoral joint looks nice & normal.

I am planning to run the BAA 5k this weekend in the Back Bay.  Weather forecast is not looking so good right now, but we shall see what is actually happening in 2.5 days...