Sunday, December 19, 2010

Longest run since aci knee surgery

I ran 5.7  miles yesterday, which is my longest run since my surgery in 4/07.  Previously, my longest was a 5 mile race in July, which was kind of a disaster, as I felt awful.

Yesterday, I just decided I would go out and run 2.6 miles, then turn around & head home.  I wound up going a little further, since I was feeling OK.

A little ironically, my right knee (which is the good knee) was bothering me during the run, and it feels a little sore today.  The left knee is minimally sore.

I am picking up my new orthotics in 2 days, so I am interested to see how they work out.

I've decided to run a 5K race in Needham on New Year's Day.  Prior to that, I have 3 days of downhill skiing planned at Jay Peak on Dec 27/28/29.  That will be a good test for the knee.