Sunday, June 5, 2011

Schofield school 5K

Contrary to my post earlier today, I didn't jog the race with my son, as he ran with my wife.  I ran it myself, although I hesitate to say I raced it.

Warming up, my knee was sore, and I entertained the idea of not running, but figured it would feel better once I was running, and it did.

I finished in 24:22, not my slowest ever 5K, but pretty slow.  Looking back, I ran the same course in 19:39 in 2002.  I did my typical a-bit-too-fast 1st mile, then ran an 8:03 2nd mile over the hilly mile of the course.  From my Garmin .

It was a nice day to run, and the knee didn't really bother me.  I had an average heart rate of 166, so I wasn't taking it easy; just not in very good shape...

knee pain

I am having some issues with pain/stiffness in the knee.  This past weekend (Memorial Day), I went up to Acadia National Park with my family.  Our activities included some hiking, which did not agree with my knee.  I even had a little swelling.  The trails we hiked were steep & rocky, at least in spots.  It was also damp & foggy, making the footing slick.  The hikes weren't all that long, though; only 4 or 5 miles.

I was definitely aware of the knee on 3 short runs I have done this week.

I am signed up to run a 5K later today, but I think I am going to run it with my 11 year-old son, who hasn't ever run a 5K, so I expect not to run very fast (I imagine we will be doing some walking).  That's just as well, since I am pretty sure I couldn't have run very fast given my limited training.