Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super 5 race, 2/2/14

I was pretty pleased with my run in the Super 5 race on 2/2/14.

To back up, I ran 12 miles on Saturday, 2/1/14.  I felt OK, not great.  I ran with a few others, so ran the first 9 or so at a pretty good clip.  I then fatigued a bit, and ran the last 2 quite slowly (9:32, 9:23).  I had originally thought I'd do 14, but decided to keep it at 12 and have a little in the tank for the race the next day.

The weather was nice for the Super 5 (around 40F, no real wind).  I felt OK on my brief warmup, and I ran evenly (7:32/7:35/7:32/7:44/7:39) for a finish on my Garmin of 37:59, which was over 3 minutes faster than I was in the same race last year.  So, I think I am starting to get a bit more fit, despite my light training miles.  I continue to ride the trainer on most of my non-run days.

My knee continues to hold up pretty well.  It's been a little bit sore from time to time, but no swelling, and I really haven't noticed pain while actually running.