Sunday, September 30, 2012

Personal Worst

I ran my college alumni cross country race yesterday, and established a personal worst time for 5K - 25:51.

I was a little surprised by that, as I didn't expect to run so slowly.  I thought my overall fitness was decent (from cycling), and I actually ran a couple of times a week in September.  My mile splits certainly were not very even - 7:31/8:45/8:32. 

I felt OK, just not very fit, but my left knee was a bit sore after the race, and remains a bit sore as I type this the following day.  Not swollen, though, so I guess that is good.

I am going to carry on with trying to do 3 runs a week, and will probably try another 5K in the next month or so.

Shouldn't be hard to beat yesterday's time :-)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

After a long absence...

I've started to do a little running again.  I signed up to run my college alumni cross country race later this month (5 km), so I am trying to get in some semblance of running shape by September 29.

I have been mostly cycling over the last year.  I've been riding a reasonable amount, so my aerobic condition isn't too bad, but running is a different thing than riding a bike, so I know that it will only go so far.

I ran 3 times last week (only 2.6 to 3.2 miles at a time), so I am going to aim for 3 runs a week for now.

I will try to post a bit more frequently on how this latest attempt to ramp up my running goes!