Sunday, January 19, 2014

Training Update - mid-January

I just got in from my long run for the week - 12.2 miles.  I didn't feel as strong as I did on last week's 10.7 mile run.  I think it was a combination of fatigue - I did a somewhat strenuous bike trainer ride yesterday -and the snowy roads/sidewalks.

Overall, I'm pleased that I'm on track with the long runs, but a little worried about my low overall mileage.  But perhaps the most important thing is that my knee seems to be tolerating the longer runs so far.  I've had a little soreness, but no real pain, and there's no swelling.  So, I will try to slightly boost my overall mileage and continue with progressing the long runs.

Details on my training are available at - search for Daniel Sullivan (Wellesley, MA).

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hangover Classic 10K and training update

I ran my first 10K race since my surgery on January 1, the venerable Hangover Classic.  It was cold - mid 20s - but fortunately not too windy.  The course is pancake flat and pretty simple: head about 5K up the road, turn around and run back.  I ran pretty even splits: 7:22/7:47/8:06/8:02/8:10/8:14 with an overall time of 49:34.  In the last half mile, I felt a pain in my left hamstring, which I think was a minor pull, since it stayed with me.  Overall, I was happy with the time since I ran 24:34 in a 5K on Thanksgiving, so ran the 10K at a slightly faster pace.

This am, I did an 8.5 mile run, and out an back on the marathon course hills.  I started at the firehouse, ran to BC, did a little loop, and ran back.  I felt a bit fatigued, but my pace was better than I thought at 8:59 per mile.  I did feel the right hamstring just a bit, which made me a bit nervous, but the knee felt fine.

So, only two runs this week, but both were longish.  But, also had 3:20 on the bicycle trainer, so that hopefully helps with fitness.