Saturday, December 20, 2014

Back on (the) track

I have decided to run the 2015 Boston Marathon in support of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's Kidney Disease Research Fund. I had thought last year's Boston Marathon might be my last marathon, but my knee held up well, and after the race I felt I could do another, and that I could probably train a bit more and improve over last year's result. Last year, I really wasn't sure how my knee would react to the longer runs, and so I really did the minimum training to finish the race. This year, I think I can try to do a bit more. To that end, I signed up for CSU's Thursday evening indoor track workouts at BU. So far, I have done two workouts. They have gone OK, although it certainly feels a bit strange to be back on a track after being away from it for so long. But I certainly believe some speed work is needed to get me running a bit faster, as I seem to be stuck in terms of not being able to get my training or racing pace a bit quicker. I signed up for the Hangover Classic Race at Salisbury Beach on New Year's Day, which I ran last year. It's a flat 10K, so I'm hoping I can post a time that's quicker than last year's.