Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mid-March update

Well, it's now getting pretty close to the race, although as I type this it's snowing pretty hard as I look out the window. I ran an 18 miler today, and it was really quite a slog. I struggling a bit with a cold right now, but I was still surprised how much effort it took to run rather slowly. I did the same run last year at the same time quite a bit faster. Here it is in Strava: Overall, I'd say my training has been going OK (although I pretty much lost a week of training at the end of January to what I think was the flu). I have been doing a weekly track workout at BU, which has been fun. Hasn't translated into more speed, though, at least not yet. Perhaps more importantly, my knee hasn't really been giving my problems. A little over a month ago, I was feeling a lot of "clunking"/crepitance in the knee, so decided to consult a physical therapist. The exercises she gave me seem to be helping. My upcoming training schedule call for a 12 or 13 miler next weekend. I am then going to be on vacation in Telluride and Moab (will probably only run a couple of days), and then when will run the Eastern States 20 miler on March 29. I ran that race a couple of times over a decade ago, and thought I'd rather do my 20 miler as a race than as a training run. Right now, I'm planning to go out with 9:00 miles & see what happens.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February update

It's eight weeks to the Boston Marathon, so I'm starting to feel that I'm running out of time to get really fit. The Snowpocalpse has been a problem; it makes it hard to get the long runs done. Yesterday I ran 13.5 on a route that was basically up Heartbreak Hill, around the reservoir twice, and back over Heartbreak hill. This morning, my legs are a bit sore, which concerns me a bit, since I did not run hard. On the plus side, my knee is a little stiff, but not swollen. I had originally been signed up to run the Hyannis Half Marathon today, but it was cancelled because of the extreme weather (although it's not too bad today). It's been interesting to be doing a weekly track workout at BU. I kind of enjoying them, but I haven't really been able to say they are making me much faster. A couple of weeks ago, I had been pretty worried about my left patella having a lot of clicking and crepitance, but it seems to have settled down. I had intended to run the Old Fashioned 10 miler in Foxboro last weekend, but that was postponed to 3/8/15 because of weather. I'm not sure about running it - it would probably be better for me to do a non-race longer run that weekend. The weather forecast is discouraging; it doesn't look like it's going to warm up enough to melt the snow any time soon! 2/21/15: Me & Heartbreak Bill