Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mid-March update

Well, it's now getting pretty close to the race, although as I type this it's snowing pretty hard as I look out the window. I ran an 18 miler today, and it was really quite a slog. I struggling a bit with a cold right now, but I was still surprised how much effort it took to run rather slowly. I did the same run last year at the same time quite a bit faster. Here it is in Strava: Overall, I'd say my training has been going OK (although I pretty much lost a week of training at the end of January to what I think was the flu). I have been doing a weekly track workout at BU, which has been fun. Hasn't translated into more speed, though, at least not yet. Perhaps more importantly, my knee hasn't really been giving my problems. A little over a month ago, I was feeling a lot of "clunking"/crepitance in the knee, so decided to consult a physical therapist. The exercises she gave me seem to be helping. My upcoming training schedule call for a 12 or 13 miler next weekend. I am then going to be on vacation in Telluride and Moab (will probably only run a couple of days), and then when will run the Eastern States 20 miler on March 29. I ran that race a couple of times over a decade ago, and thought I'd rather do my 20 miler as a race than as a training run. Right now, I'm planning to go out with 9:00 miles & see what happens.

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